Friday, June 28, 2013

"Rhythmic Cognition Theory" by Oji Leon El

"Rhythmic Cognition Theory" by Oji Leon El 

 I have a rhythmic cognition theory 
 Though its still a mystery to me 
So it seems things interweave 
Paranormal activity 
 Do you know what hears you think? 
What you'll say before you speak? 
The technology of the body is beyond machine 
In which its bio chemistry requires no assembling 
 This requires your full attention though no effort to experience
 Its only an extension of our impulses senses 
 As soon as a mind could think 
 An eye could blink 
 A mouth could speak
 A heart could beat
 Whenever we breath its all in sync then repeats 
 Once you come into contact with this media thats interactive 
With practice you'll learn to grasp the abstract
 Then see what happens from your reaction 
 As our universe expands the pituitary gland commands every mudras fluid movements of my hands 
 This accumulator collects morphogenetic resonance undetected on your periodic table of elements 
 The rhythm of life is psychic depending upon whose mind it is 
With an open iris whats lifeless will feel alive again 
 Its the dance of the fire breath with mantras to chant when being obsessed with higher self feels better than sex 
 I felt the spirit of love expressed from a plant 
 Witnessed an insect show me gods intelligence 

 Now apply this concept Watch any object from your point of reference 
Then let the neural process Show a different perspective of this presence 
 Say for instance When you think a thought Listen and watch for its response 
Psychologically Your involvement could solve this paradox When you do this see how movements relate to what everything else is doin 
In which this demonstrates communication beyond psycho acoustic 
 Its skin and bones are rhythm and tone and lyrics where written by the spirit in this song

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